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     The practitioner behind Holistic Touch is me,

Elyssa Z. Marsland

     I believe that true healing comes from within, that you have the inner tools and power to change your life from the inside out.

     When we ignore our path of joy or fight against the flow of life, we suffer from emotional disturbances, unpleasant thoughts, and can even experience physical dis-ease.

     At Holistic Touch the first priority is to relax.  I believe that only in a relaxed state can we let go of habitual thinking and reach a state of creative potential, where new ideas, in-sights, and solutions can bubble to the surface.  In a relaxed state, the body is able to heal and let go of holding patterns and find joy.

Why visit me?
     When I work with you my only intention is to be as quiet as possible so that I may be aware of the subtle cues I get from you/your body.  You are the healer; I am the facilitator.

What does a session look like?
     Most sessions at least begin with some sort of massage work.  For those of us who enjoy or need to feel a tight muscle, or area, massaged, this helps ease tension in the body and settle the mind. I may massage your back, feet, head and/or shoulders, do a little percussion or gently rock your body.  Depending on your comfort level and the therapy we may do, full or partial clothing may be worn and all therapies can be performed lying down or sitting in an everyday chair.  As we both settle into a quieter space, I often feel the need to combine the various techniques I've learned over the past 10 years.  Oftentimes these are more subtle techniques that enable the body, by following the quiet voice of intuition, to release holding patterns of stress.

Call today to meet me or schedule an appointment!

211 Fayette St.  Suite 13
Morgantown, WV  26505

location in Fairmont, WV too!
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